Command Prefix is g/ (but this is changeable from server to server)

General Commands

Help - Lists available commands

Prefix - Shows bot prefix

Dev - Displays bot developer

BotInfo - Returns bot info
Support - Displays ways for bot support

Guilds - Displays bot guild count

Invite - Gives invite to add bot to server
DiscordStats - Displays Discord Status and most recent update
8Ball [Question] - Bot answers a question randomly with yes or no (Odds for yes: 1-2 | Odds for no: 1-2)
Tweet [text] - Generate Twitter Tweet
Roll - Rolls a 6 sided die

Hex - Generates random hex color
Meme - Generates random meme
Gamble - User randomly gains or loses gold
Gold - Displays users gold
Ping - Pings the bot's response time
Status - Displays bot status
UpTime - Shows bot uptime
Commands - Displays current number of possible commands
MemberCount - Displays current server member count

UserInfo <@user | user-id> - Displays user info

ServerInfo - Displays info about current server

Image Commands

Avatar - Shows users avatar
Pepe - Random Pepe face
Cat- Random Cat picture
Dog - Random Dog picture
Fox - Random Fox picture
Jail - Put a user in jail
Gay - Gay
Brazzers - Well um...
Wasted - Wasted...
Wanted - Wanted poster
Beautiful - This is beautiful
Leftexit - Skirt!

Music Commands (Turned Off)

Join - Connects bot to your voice channel
Play [song name] - Plays song name on youtube
Pause - Pauses currently playing music
Resume - Resumes paused music
Stop - Stops playing music
Skip [amount] - Skips x songs
Loop - Loops current song 1x
NowPlaying - Displays current playing song
Queue - Displays song queue
ClearQueue - Clears song queue (ADMIN ONLY)
Disconnect - Disconnects bot from voice channel
Volume [1-100] - Sets volume between 1 and 100

Utility Commands

Add [1st number] [2nd number] - Adds 1st number to 2nd number
Subtract [1st number] [2nd number] - Subtracts 2nd number from 1st number
Mulitply [1st number] [2nd number] - Mulitplies 1st number and 2nd number
Divide [1st number] [2nd number] - Divides 1st number by 2nd number
TTS - Generates a TTS file with text
Discordstats - Displays main Discord server status
Botinfo - Gives bot info
Serverinfo - Gives server info
Userinfo - Gives user info
Announce - Create and send an announcement
Embed - Create and send an embed with the interactive setup
MCaccount - Get info on a Minecraft account

Moderator Commands

Ban [@user] <reason>  - Bans mentioned user

Kick [@user] <reason> - Kicks mentioned user
TempMute [@user] [time in minutes] <reason> - Temporarily mutes mentioned user for x minutes
Mute [@user] <reason> - Mutes mentioned user (To unmute, run command again)
SetNick [@user] [nickname] - Sets mentioned users nickname
Purge [amount] - Deletes certain amount of messages

PurgeUser [@user] [amount] - Deletes a certain amount of messages from mentioned user

Pin [message id] - Pins message by message id

Administrator Commands

ChangePrefix [newprefix] - Changes server prefix to custom prefix

Embed - Make an embed with the interactive setup

Announce [#channel] [message] - Sends message to mentioned channel

AnnounceHere [#channel] [message] - Sends message to mentioned channel tagging @here

AnnounceEveryone [#channel] [message] - Sends message to mentioned channel tagging @everyone